Privacy Policy

1. Our aim

At Euro Mobile Cars, our aim is to provide our customers with the most secure experience, not just during the ride but in all the stages leading to it and after. To this end, we have put in place some measures which are explained in this section for your convenience.

For full disclosure, we also want to point out that this website uses cookies. By agreeing to use this website, you are agreeing to accept our use of cookies.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are information sets sent to the web browser (Internet Explorer, Googe Chrome, or any other) by the web server. This information is saved on the browser. Any time this browser sends a request to the server, this information is sent back. This allows the server to track browser activity.

We use cookies to track your activity and way of navigation on our website. The purpose behind this is to understand the user experience on our website to optimize it in the future.

Cookies also allow us to analyze the website performance through tools such as Google Analytics.

There are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are deleted when you close the browser. Persistent cookies have to be deleted by the user themselves if they no longer want them stored on their browser.

Any advertiser or payment service accessing this website may also send cookies to your browser.

3. Information we collect

We may gather, store, and use the following information:

1. Information about your computer: Your IP address, geographical location, browser version, operating system, and referral source.

2. Information about your visit to our website: length of visit, pages visited, time marks.

3. Information about transactions: any service you purchased on our website and its details

4. Information provided at the time of registration: any detail you provide at the time of registering to the website, or subscribing to a service such as a newsletter etc.

4. Use of information collected

Information collected may be used for any of the following purposes:

1. Making changes to the website based on the users’ reaction to it

2. Personalizing a user’s experience

3. Supplying services/products purchased by you

4. Issuing statements/invoices

5. Sending commercial communications such as information about sales, deals, new services or products, etc.

6. Sending marketing information of a suitable third party we deem suitable for you. This may be done via post or email. You can intimate your reluctance to receive such correspondences at any time.

7. Sending notifications that have been requested by you via email.

8. Providing statistical information about our users to third parties. We assure our users that this third party information sharing will not contain any personal/sensitive information about a particular user, or any information that can be used to identify a certain user/customer of ours from the past.

All personal information is collected with the user’s express consent.

No personal information is shared with third parties for marketing purposes.

All financial transactions are carried out by our financial partner; PayPal. Their privacy policy can be viewed here:

We communicate with third parties about our users only as much as we need to ensure smooth functioning of various processes such as payment making or query solving regarding that payment.

5. Information Disclosure

For the purposes of smooth functioning of our website and services we may disclose information about our users to the following:

1. Members of the staff

2. Suppliers

3. Agents

4. Subcontractors


1. We may disclose information where we are required to do so by law

2. As a result of legal proceedings, or prospective legal proceedings

3. For the establishment of our legal rights or to prevent fraud and reduce credit risk by providing information to other parties, where we deem necessary

4. To a purchaser if we are (or contemplating) selling an asset or business

5. If we can foresee a legal proceeding that will result in us being ordered by the court of law to disclose that information to a party

Other than the reasons and purposes stated above, we do not share our users’ information with any third parties.

6. International Data Transfers

Information and data may be shared with our offices or partners in other locations, in keeping with the regulations stated in this Privacy Policy.

Information and data may be shared with countries that do not follow the data protection laws of the European Economic Area, such as America.

Any information that has been authorized for publication by the user, will be displayed on the website and will be available to anyone who can access it. Euro Mobile Cars will not be responsible for any potential misuse of this information.

By continuing to use our website and hire our services, you agree to all of the above mentioned terms of use and disclosure of your information.

7. Security Measures

We make use of all necessary and reasonable security protocols and measures in our technical and organizational planning to prevent misuse, unwanted disclosure, or alteration of our users’ personal information.

All electronic transactions made on our website are encrypted with SSL, and all other information stored on our secure servers.

The user is responsible for preventing their password and login information being disclosed. We do not ask for your password for any reason other than logging in.

Sharing any data over the internet comes with some threat of exposure, and we cannot eliminate threat in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

8. User rights

The user may request Euro Mobile Cars to provide any information about their personal profile/account/correspondence with us. Acquiring such information will be subject to the following requirements:

1. The payment of a set fee (currently it is £15.00)

2. Proof of identity. This usually includes us asking the user for a photocopy of their passport (certified by a solicitor or bank) along with an original copy of a utility bill that will serve as proof of current residence.

We may withhold any personal information about a user to the extent that is legally permitted.

We will either ask permission before use of personal information for marketing purposes, or you can email us to prevent our using your information and opt out of a service (subscription or newsletter etc.) at any given time.

9. General Information:

a) We are not responsible for the Privacy Policy or privacy practices of a third party that may be involved in our correspondence or transaction with a client.

b) We require the user to notify us about any changes to details that may be relevant or directly linked to the provision of our service to them.

10. Contact Us

In case of any confusion or query about our Privacy Policy, or practices, please feel free to contact us on:



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