1. Fare

1.1. The fare accounts for the ride from pickup point of the rider’s choosing to the drop off location. For airport pickup service the fare will include meet & greet service and a 30-minute parking charge.

1.2. Any deviation from the original pickup/drop off will lead to additional charges, and has to be considered by the Euro Mobile Cars dispatcher.

2. Waiting and Delays

2.1 The driver picks the rider up at the time of the rider’s choosing. A waiting period of 15 minutes is allowed with every ride one books without any charge. So the driver is supposed to wait 15 minutes for the rider upon arrival.

2.2. The rider will be charged for any additional waiting time after the initial 15 minutes have elapsed; £5.00 per every 15-minute interval.

2.3. For airport pickups we offer a 30-minute waiting period free of charge. This is to accommodate any minor flight delays.

3. Car Type

3.1. The car that comes to pick the client may be different from the type seen on our website as we are always adding or replacing cars to our fleet.

4. Minicab Capacity

4.1. The passenger and baggage capacity of each vehicle type has been clearly stated on our website. Please make sure to select vehicle type with that in mind.

4.2. In case of uncertainty, the client can write to our customer service team at bookings@euromobilecars.co.uk to find out which vehicle type they should book for your needs.

5. Cancellation

5.1. The driver reserves the right to cancel on a passenger.

5.2. If the passenger cancels a booking at least 4 hours prior to the pickup time, no cost will be charged. These cancellations can be made using the link provided at the time of booking.

5.3. The passenger will be charged 50% of the fare for any cancellations made less than 4 hours before the pickup time. These cancellations have to be made by calling us on +44 207 633 9898 or through email at bookings@euromobilecars.co.uk.

5.4. No fee is charged for online bookings, but Euro Mobile Cars reserves the right to charge £5 as administration charges for cancellations made on phone.

5.5. Refunding upon cancellation will be made immediately if the original payment has been made with PayPal. For other payment methods, we will require up to 21 days.

6. Booking

6.1. To book a cab for a pickup time less than 24 hours, please call on +44 207 633 9898. If the pickup time is after 24 hours from the time of booking, the rider may book by email at bookings@euromobilecars.co.uk.

6.2. In case of a booking error, the passenger is to inform our staff within 24 hours. Inconvenience or cost faced by the driver due to a booking error will be deducted from the payment made.

7. General Guidelines

7.1. In case of a delay due to weather or extraordinary traffic conditions, Euro Mobile Cars will not be responsible.

7.2. Passenger may not smoke inside the vehicle.

7.3. Passenger may not consume alcohol inside the vehicle. The driver reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who fails to follow these guidelines.

7.4. It is mandatory to wearing seatbelt and follow the safety guidelines set by the Transport for London.

8: Operator And Passenger Contractual Relationship

Euro Mobile Cars Ltd shall enter into a contractual obligation as principle with the person making the private hire booking to provide the journey, which is the subject of the booking and any such contractual obligation must be consistent with the 1998 Act and these regulations.



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